I’m David – Your WordPress Guy

WordPress Designer, Developer & Educator

I am David Browne, a passionate WordPress Developer, Designer and Educator from Navan, Co. Meath in Ireland, with over 15 years experience providing high-quality website solutions that perform and deliver results.

I develop individual strategic solutions for your business that will boost your online profile and help you increase your revenue. using the WordPress platform which provides a solid presence for your business

My goal is to personally ensure that your WordPress website runs smoothly, efficiently, generates you a return, has trusted support and that you have someone to turn to when you need help.

I have built a team of trusted and loyal professionals who can provide a full Digital Support System for your business. Leaving me to concentrate on what I do best….. be The WP Guy


Did You Know WordPress powers over 35% of the websites on the Internet

  • I build professional websites that fit any budget
  • Get your Website Ranking Highly on Google
  • Your website will be mobile-friendly, looking great on any device.
  • I can help you find, install configure any WordPress Plugin or Theme.
  • Need help with your web host, configuring email I cover that too
  •  Track and understand your web visitor trends with Google Analytics.

WordPress Development

Do you need a website that will deliver high performance, have a slick design and convert visitors to customers?


WordPress Maintenance & Support

A WordPress Maintenance & Support plan provided by The WordPress Guy will provide you with piece of mind that your website is backed up, up-to-date and secure.

WordPress Optimiser

Having a website that loads quickly and is well optimised techniques will rank better on search and load faster for the end user.

WordPress Guide

Do you have a website built by a designer and don’t know how to update, upgrade or maintain your own site yourself? WordPress Guide is a mentorship program for WordPress users who would like to bring their knowledge and their website to the next level.

WordPress Training

Would you like help in working on your own website or want to build your own from Scratch? The WordPress Guy can help you no matter what level you at, from absolute beginner to advanced.?

WordPress GDPR Privacy

Our Data Policies are custom written for your business to ensure your business complies with Irish & EU Laws.

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Why your WordPress Site needs an SSL certificate and how it works

1. What is an SSL certificate and how does it work? An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that uses cryptographic algorithms to provide security for communications between a website and a user's web browser. The certificate contains information about the...

Why you need access to your own hosting

Why you need access to your own hosting

As a small business owner, you need to have control over your website and web hosting. You can't rely on someone else to host your website for you. You need to be able to access your website whenever you want, and make changes as needed. Having your own web hosting...

Top 10 Questions about WordPress

Top 10 Questions about WordPress

1, What is Wordpress? In one line and at its most basic, WordPress is a program which powers over 35% of the website on the web. It combines many tools, functions and plugins, that all combined just work seamlessly. 2. Is WordPress really Free? If so why am I paying...

TEN reasons why WordPress is PERFECT for small businesses

TEN reasons why WordPress is PERFECT for small businesses

​ 1) COST: The most obvious reason is cost.  WordPress itself is free, as are many of its add-ons.  However, it does cost a very affordable fee for hosting and a domain. The good news is that there are some shared plans that can cost less than 50 Euro per year. 2)...

What is WordPress and why should you be using it

Over 1/3 of the web is powered by WordPress, why is it so popular? 1. WordPress is free WordPress is Opensource software meaning it is free, its always, been free and always will be free.  Now if its free what are you paying Free to use, free to try, free to get...

10 Things you must do to Maintain your WordPress Site

Building WordPress a website and not maintaining it can be like buying a car and not putting oil into it. All technology needs to maintained and your WordPress Website is no different. Here is a handy check-list to keep your website well oiled. 1. Backup  Having a...

10 Simple Reasons why WordPress is better than Wix

If you are looking around at website options you may have heard of WIX which brands itself as a website with no coding needed. And they are right you can have a website with no coding needed. But you can also make dinner with no cooking skills if you have a microwave,...

10 Reasons why you should want a fast Website

Page-speed is the average amount of time it takes your website to load for the end user, or how long it takes for the user to load up all the text and images on a site.   1. Better user Experience Let's face it, who likes waiting on a website to load? Nobody, in...

5 Signs that its time to upgrade your website

1, No traffic or sales being generated? If your website is not generating you income it like having a salesperson who is not making the sale. Its time to fire it and get something newer. 2. Mobile devices don't show your site properly! 62% of the devices that now...