10 Reasons why you should want a fast Website

by | Jun,2020

Page-speed is the average amount of time it takes your website to load for the end user, or how long it takes for the user to load up all the text and images on a site.


1. Better user Experience

Let’s face it, who likes waiting on a website to load? Nobody, in an age where speed is key to everything, people want information in an instant.

2. Google Ranks your website higher

Google has many ranking factors for websites, we never know exactly which ones in which order however it is widely known that your page speed is one of the key factors.

3. Decrease your bounce rate

Bounce Rate is the amount of visitors who leave your site after just 1-page load, your goal should always be to retain visitors on your site, at least until they have made an informed decision on interacting with you and answered a call to action.

4. Mobile Visitors

Visitors from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet can often be watching their data allowance. Large file sizes such as images can be off-putting to visitors and eat valuable data needlessly.

5. Show you care

Visitors to fast websites know that consideration has been given to their time and their experience on your website. It will give a feel-good factor.

6. Meet Expectations

47% of website visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less

7. Every second counts

For each second your website takes to load you will lose on average 7% of visitors.

8. They won’t be back

79% of web shoppers who have had trouble with the performance of a website say they don’t return.

9. The 80/20 rule

80% of websites load time is taken by non-text elements such as images, style sheets, scripts.

10. The Average page speed

The average page speed of a website online is 5 seconds.

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