10 Simple Reasons why WordPress is better than Wix

by | Jun,2020

If you are looking around at website options you may have heard of WIX which brands itself as a website with no coding needed. And they are right you can have a website with no coding needed. But you can also make dinner with no cooking skills if you have a microwave, but please don’t call it cooking or invite your friend the chef to call over to see it or worse still ask him to fix it!  Here are 10 reasons to go with WordPress

1. Hosting

WordPress can be hosted by most major hosting companies, in fact if your host doesn’t support WordPress they don’t have the right to call themselves a web host. Wix host all their own sites, and only Wix sites, they cannot be hosted anywhere else.

2. Control 

Because WordPress is open source it means that anyone can write code for it, meaning thousands of people are doing it every day. Anyone can write WordPress Code, however, Wix is closed, meaning it is developed by in house Wix Developers who control what functionality it has.

3. Look and Feel

There are about 300-400 Wix templates to choose from. They have very limited editing capabilities and you cannot design your own. WordPress has over 50,000 official templates and you can always design your own. This means there is Multiples of the official number available.

4. Flexibility

Once you choose a Wix layout you are pretty much stuck with it, you can easily drop themes in and out of WordPress and even see what they look like if you were to change your layout.

5. Plugins!

As part of the Open Source Project WordPress allows the development of plugins for all developers this means that as soon as a new program goes online developers are creating plugins to make it work with WordPress

6. SEO

WordPress has many SEO Plugins available they all have their pro’s and cons. Wix also has SEO capabilities however it has no flexibility to use many SEO tactics which require you to hard code, it places such as the htaccess file.  In a study performed by ahrefs.com only 1.4% of websites gained organic traffic compared to 46.1% of WordPress sites  (link)

7. Blogging

Key to all good online marketing is having a blog. Blogs are a great way to create an audience for your website, it provides your site with new content which people will share amongst their networks if they find it relevant.


8. Cost

While WordPress is free there is a cost to the hosting of the site, this can vary in range from as little as €40 per year.  However, Wix Requires a monthly subscription of between $5-25 plus $15 for the domain.


9. Multiple Users of a Website

WordPress allows for multi-user logins meaning that you can allow many people access to your website, and impose varying degrees of access to the site depending on the category of the user.

10. Web speed Optimisation

WordPress allows developers access to many tools and functions which will help improve the speed and load time of the website, These are not available in Wix

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