5 Signs that its time to upgrade your website

by | May,2020

5 Signs that its time to upgrade your website

1, No traffic or sales being generated?

If your website is not generating you income it like having a salesperson who is not making the sale. Its time to fire it and get something newer.

2. Mobile devices don’t show your site properly!

62% of the devices that now access the internet are now mobile devices, that is almost 2 in every 3 visitors to your site. Your site MUST be mobile friendly.

3. Your site is loading slowly

How many times have you left a website just because it took an age to load? 40% of visitors will leave your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds!

4. Your content is outdated

If your website looks out of date it will seem to visitors that your business is out of date, your website should look as modern and up to date as possible.  You don’t need every bell and whistle going but you should at least have everything you visitor would expect.

5. Negative customer feedback or high bounce rate

if your customer are speaking to you listen if they are acting observe, having a high bounce rate is like people walking into your bricks and mortar store and leaving again. Sales are not judged on how often the door opens, its about how often the cash till opens. If your customers are unhappy ask why.


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