Forget what I said before – Get Canva!

by | May,2023

I always felt Canva software to be like a microwave of design, limiting, not very customisable, and really something that someone with limited IT knowledge may have been able to “knock out quickly and effortlessly”. I have Photoshop skills why on earth would I want to use something that claims to “Empowering the world to design” when I have skills built over years….. Well how wrong was I!

Within less than a month of doing Debbie Ringwood’s “Canva & Content Marketing Training” I was hooked, from making Blog banners, to social media posts, to complete PDF business proposals. It does everything I could possibly need and more.

Debbie’s training sessions are great, they are designed to meet your exact needs and goals regardless of what type of design you want to create – whether it be for social media graphics, marketing materials, or any other project. She will listen to you to determine what your skill level and experience is, and will provide training tailored to your particular situation. After every lesson you’ll have a range of ideas that you can put into practice almost instantly in order to benefit your business.

Some of the tricks and tips you will discover include:
1. Create custom QR codes that can be linked to various web pages or other digital resources. This is useful for quickly sharing information with others.

2. Canva’s design library is filled with everything from premade layouts, fonts, images, and more. This makes it easier to quickly make visuals that look great without much design experience.

3. Canva allows you create a brand kit which includes templates, logos, fonts, colour palettes, graphics, and icons. It also includes guidelines to help brands make sure their visuals remain on-brand.

4. Canva allows users to save their design templates, allowing them to make changes and updates quickly and easily, it also allows you to share with your team.

5. Canva also offers event-specific templates and tools for creating materials such as resumes, flyers, and business cards.

6. With Canva Print, users can order prints of their Canva designs. Plus, Canva Pro offers access to exclusive printing services.

If you would like to know more Contact Debbie at The Marketing Shop, and tell her the WP Guy sent you.

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