TEN reasons why WordPress is PERFECT for small businesses

by | Mar,2021

1) COST: The most obvious reason is cost.  WordPress itself is free, as are many of its add-ons.  However, it does cost a very affordable fee for hosting and a domain. The good news is that there are some shared plans that can cost less than 50 Euro per year.

2) SETUP: WordPress is so simple and fast to set up.  It can be installed by you with a single click.  It does not require any particular hardcore skills.  Another option available is that you can choose a managed WordPress hosting plan and have it installed, set up, configured and optimized before the paperwork is dry on your business plan.


3) OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM: This is called ‘Open Source’ because anyone can download it and upgrade their website.  With extra knowledge, the code can be extended any way you like, to suit your particular requirements, by yourself or your hired WordPress developer. 


4) USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Many business people find the thought of managing a website both intimidating and time consuming. The beauty of WordPress is that the skills required are basic and the maintenance, because it’s so user friendly, can be so rewarding.  Everyone loves to learn so don’t think you can’t.  Give it a try.  Develop your own posts and manage media with confidence and ease. 


5) LARGE ONLINE SUPPORT COMMUNITY: Because there are so many millions of users of WordPress, there are discussion forums all over the internet. WordPress itself has an excellent online support system.  As well as the forums, there are hundreds of online WordPress blogs that are a veritable mine of tips and solutions for problems. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, the answer is never more than a quick question away! 


6) BROAD VARIETY OF THEMES: The initial part of designing your website is deciding on a theme.  How wonderful to have a collection of thousands of pre-designed themes to choose from in WordPress and also from other reputable sites.  Again, when you’ve chosen your favourite, it’s just a click to give life to YOUR site.

7) PLUGINS FOR EVERY FEATURE: When you’re up and running, you will need Plugins to add functionality to your site.  Many of the thousands of WordPress plugins are free (or cost a minimal amount), and you can find these in the WordPress Plugin Directory.  Again, they’re easy to install and use. Again, I can’t stress enough to regularly update all the plugins and indeed WordPress, to ensure continued safety and security. 


8) SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: This is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine shows it as a top result in searches of a particular keyword.  It increases the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  All websites developed using WordPress are, by default, SEO optimized.  That’s not all though.  There are endless other guides to help you achieve better ranking.  Still it’s reassuring to know it’s included in the package. 


9) HIGHLY RESPONSIVE DESIGNS:  Responsive websites react with the user in mind and enhance usability, no matter what the device is.  Quite simply, a mobile friendly site functions the exact same way, regardless of the device. This is another included bonus with WordPress.  Most of WordPress themes are designed to be fully responsive, so your website will look amazing on any device.  If it’s not automatically included on the design you choose, there are plugins available to upgrade any theme.

10) SECURE AND RELIABLE: Because WordPress takes great pride in making its systems as secure as possible, they constantly release regular updates and security patches.  WordPress is up there with the best Web Development platforms as far as security is concerned.  There are extra WordPress plugins available to enhance the security on your site.