What Do I need to have a .ie Domain

by | Dec,2022

When starting a business or developing your website, one key aspect is the URL, also known as a domain name. This serves as an introduction to customers, appearing on documents and business cards and providing further information for visitors. More than just being a web address, it’s part of your branding portfolio and should be integrated in your marketing strategies.

For these reasons, we recommend considering a .ie domain rather than .com or other options:

– Supporting local businesses: Irish consumers appreciate using local suppliers – having an Irish domain implies an immediate connection with Ireland – especially when providing local goods or services where origin plays an important role.
– Increased availability: With more options available with a .ie vs other domains, you can find the perfect fit for your business.
– Faster loading times: When located locally, websites hosted on a .ie are faster to load compared to those using international domains.
– Improved SEO rankings: Your website could rank higher on search engine results pages with the help of country specific domains like .ie.

Requirements to have a .ie Domain

In order to register a .ie domain, you’ll need to demonstrate your connection with the Republic of Ireland. As an Irish resident, we accept proof of residency such as a letter from Revenue or official bank statement. For citizens wishing to acquire .ie domains, we’ll require images of your PPS card, birth certificate, driving license or passport. Companies must provide their company’s registration number, VAT number or Registered Business Name to the registrar. If your company isn’t registered in Ireland, then we will need evidence of trading relations with clients in Ireland such as invoices, published marketing material and press releases proving that you trade (or plan to) within the country.
Catorgories to apply for a .ie address

Personal Name :

To apply for a domain name in this category, you have to provide a copy of your birth certificate, driving license, or passport. Personal names can only consist of your initials and a number of your choice. As an example, David Browne could apply to register DB79.ie.

Registered Trade Mark

For your incorporated business, you can secure a .ie domain address by simply presenting us with your official company number. However, if your corporation is based outside of Ireland, we’ll need to receive a copy of the Certificate of Corporation in order to confirm this information.

State Agency Name

When registering a .ie domain name for a joint venture, special event or project involving at least one state agency, no documentation is required. To prove ownership of a publication, simply provide a printed page that features your name as the publisher. Education institutions may register in this category without providing documentation but must be recognized by the Department of Education as an authorized school. Finally, any sitting or standing politician at the European level is entitled to apply for this service.

Personal Trading Name

If you are a sole trader based in Ireland, you can register an .ie web address. This includes individuals who work as authors, photographers, entertainers, journalists and artists.

To secure your domain name in this category, the registrar requires either a letter from an Irish chartered accountant with the tax ID number displayed on the letterhead or simply your VAT number.

Your domain name should include your full name for example davidbrowne.ie if your name is David Browne.



Discretionary Name

To secure a web address in this category, you must furnish a comprehensive and authenticat

ed letter from an authorized firm of tax advisors, auditors, chartered accountants, or a bank manager.