Why I use Bertha AI for Content Creation in WordPress

by | May,2023

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months you will be aware of Open AI and the ChatGPT its everywhere, however did you know there is a tool that means you can use AI in WordPress without going to another URL or leaving you website.  This is where Bertha AI, an AI-powered WordPress management tool, comes in.

Bertha AI is an AI-powered WordPress management platform that helps users manage their WordPress sites with ease. It’s an AI assistant that does the tedious and mundane tasks so you can focus on the important tasks. Bertha will help you with all your WordPress Content Creation, from creating creative Blog Post Titles, to creating the actual blog, providing imagery and capping it off with helping with your SEO tasks, Bertha AI will become one of the most powerful tools in your WordPress toolkit.

Bertha can save you time and money by generating content for your website faster and more accurately than ever before so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

As a WordPress user, you understand the importance of writing compelling, engaging content. Even so, coming up with new ideas and having the time to write can be challenging. This is where Bertha AI comes into play. It will help you write more content quickly and easily, while increasing ROI for the cost and time of Bertha Pro.




Is Bertha only for WordPress?

No actually with the Bertha AI Chrome Extension, writers can now access the same advanced AI technology from their Chrome or Edge browser! This mind-blowing extension is the perfect tool to maximize their writing potential. Those who’ve been utilizing the benefits of WordPress over the past 18 months now have an even better way to take their project to the next level, this means you can connect Bertha AI into many of you browser apps and start creating content straight away, use Apps such as Google Docs. Canva, Google Sheets, MSN Mail, or Facebook and Twitter, the list is simply endless.

What does Bertha AI Cost?

Experience the full power of Bertha AI with Chat, Ask Me Anything and Long Form Content text generation and use anywhere in a web browser with The Bertha Chrome Extension. Bertha AI is a fantastic alternative to ChatGPT and built in Image generation and AI image search.
ALL for $20 per month (Approx €18.29), less than a  couple of decent coffees a week

Would you like a test drive of Bertha?  Contact me and let me show you about.

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