Say Goodbye to WordPress Spam with CleanTalk!

Does your inbox fill up with Spam from your contact forms?

  • Cloud-based spam filtering service
  • Imperceptible spam protection
  • Real-time spam protection
  • All-in-one protection for various website forms
  • Simple installation and ease of use
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Costing as little as €12 per year

How does Cleantalk work?

Cleantalk is a cloud-based anti-spam service that aims to protect websites from spam bots, spam registrations, and spam comments. It works by analyzing user behavior and patterns to differentiate between legitimate users and spam bots.

Here’s a simplified overview of how CleanTalk works:

Cleantalk is added to your WordPress Website using a plugin

Spam Analysis: When a user interacts with the website (e.g., submits a comment, fills out a submission form or registers), Cleantalk analyzes their behavior, such as the speed of filling out forms, the time spent on pages, IP reputation, etc.

Comparison with Database: CleanTalk compares the behavior of the user with its extensive database of known spam patterns and IP addresses.

Real-Time Blocking: If CleanTalk detects suspicious activity that matches known spam patterns, it blocks the interaction in real-time. This prevents spam comments from being posted or spam registrations from being completed.

Learning Algorithm: Cleantalk continuously learns from new spam attacks and updates its algorithms to adapt to new spamming techniques.

Feedback Loop: Website owners can provide feedback to Cleantalk about missed spam or false positives, which helps improve the accuracy of the system, this means the Cleantalk filtering is constantly learning from its users interactions as well as its own algorithms

CleanTalk’s goal is to provide an effective, hassle-free solution for website owners to combat spam without requiring manual intervention.


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