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Introducing WordPress Guide: Your Path to Website Excellence

Are you looking to take your WordPress website to the next level? Do you want to enhance its functionality, improve its design, or expand its reach? Look no further than WordPress Guide, a groundbreaking mentorship program designed specifically for WordPress users like you.

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WordPress Guide Program

Knowing how to build, update or maintain your own website can not only save you a lot of money but it can also save you time as you can do it yourself, saving you having to wait on your designer or developer’s availability. 

The WordPress Guide Program is not just out of the box training. It provides you with training to meet your specific needs, from resizing your images to building a complete E-Commerce Solution. You will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to work on your own website and make the necessary adjustments yourself.

WordPress Guide Packages are designed to empower your website’s success. I’ve carefully curated these offerings to provide you with a range of mentorship options tailored to address specific WordPress issues, improve your website, and unlock advanced technical strategies. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting packages and discover how they can take your WordPress skills to new heights!

1. One Hour Call – €85

Experience the power of a focused, one-on-one consultation with me and my team of WordPress experts. In this one-hour call, we’ll tackle any specific WordPress issue you’re facing, providing you with effective problem-solving solutions. You’ll gain valuable insights and practical advice to overcome challenges and optimize your website’s performance.

2. WordPress Starter – €480

Ready to ignite your WordPress journey? My WordPress Starter package is just what you need. With this comprehensive package, you’ll receive six one-hour guided sessions where I’ll personally walk you through how to improve your website and make better use of WordPress functionality. Through hands-on learning, you’ll acquire essential skills and techniques to enhance your site’s design, functionality, and overall user experience.

3. WP Guide Level 2 – €720

If you’re looking to elevate your WordPress expertise, my WP Guide Level 2 package is the way to go. This package consists of six 90-minute sessions filled with in-depth technical assistance and development time. Together, we’ll delve into advanced topics such as SEO strategies and planning. I’ll empower you to optimize your website for improved search engine visibility and user engagement. Whether you’re seeking deeper technical guidance or enhancements for your website, this package has got you covered.

4. WP Guide Level 3 – €900

Are you ready for a major website update or building a site from scratch? My WP Guide Level 3 package is the perfect fit. This comprehensive offering includes ten 90-minute sessions, complete with development time to support your ambitious website goals. Throughout the process, I’ll work closely with you, providing personalized guidance and sharing my technical expertise. Together, we’ll create a professional, high-performing website that stands out from the crowd.

Remember, all package deals come with ongoing support and access to exclusive resources, even after the mentorship period is complete. My commitment to your success extends beyond the specified sessions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to leverage the WordPress Guide package deals and propel your website’s success. Choose the package that aligns with your goals, and let me, The WP Guy, and my expert mentors guide you on your exciting WordPress journey. It’s time to invest in your website’s future and unlock its true potential!

What’s included: 

  •  Accountability : After each session you will have a to-do list, to complete before the next session.
  • Email Support : Connect between sessions with questions and queries between calls.
  • 1 to 1 dedicated Zoom training focused solely on your business
  • Flexibility around when you use your hours.
  • Development Hours : Need something fixed? Let me help you with it (development time is included).

One Hour Call

1 hour consultation to address a specific WordPress issue, a great problem-solving session

WordPress Starter

6 x 1 Hour Guided sessions that will you how to improve your site and make better use of WordPress functionality

WP Guide Level 2

6 x 90 Minute sessions which will include development time & deeper technical help such as SEO Strategies and Planning  


WP Guide Level 3

10 x 90 Minute Sessions, including development time, for users who are undertaking a major update to their site or wishing to build from scratch.

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