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WordPress is the world’s leading web development tool by far, it has a solution for every concievable web development issue and has a wide community of developers working daily to provide solutions for all sorts of issues.

By providing a full service WordPress Development solution I can promise you your project will receive the most up-to-date, cost effective and robust Web Development techniques currently available. 



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WordPress Speed Optimiser

Did you know that the speed of your website has an impact on Your Google Rankings, your Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns, and most of all the User Experience and Load Speed for your website visitors?

Using independently approved benchmarking we will analyse your website which will be able to show us where your site needs improvements before we can get to work on speeding things up.

We do this in 3 phases


Information Gathering and Diagnosis

We will run initial tests on your website and gather and document as much information as possible to root out the causes of any slowness 

Repair Quick Wins

Following a full initial analysis of your site, we will repair, “low hanging fruit” this includes optimisation of images, update plugins, removing unnecessary items such as unused plugins and themes.  


Optimise Premium Services and Server Side issues

This is where the heavy lifting begins, after we have optimised your WordPress site we may discover that you have issues caused by a slow server, the requirements for a CDN (Content Delivery Service)  

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