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WordPress is the world’s leading web development tool by far, it has a solution for every concievable web development issue and has a wide community of developers working daily to provide solutions for all sorts of issues.

By providing a full service WordPress Development solution I can promise you your project will receive the most up-to-date, cost effective and robust Web Development techniques currently available. 



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WordPress Search Engine Optimiser

Search Engine Optimisation in WordPress is the process of getting your website seen and ranked by Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There is no magic wand to Search Engine Optimisation or key to overnight success, it is all about time and reputation building, each process is built over a 6/12 month period.


Phase 1 | Technical SEO

We will run initial tests on your website and gather and document as much information as possible to root out the causes of any slowness 

Phase 2 | On-Page SEO

Following a full initial analysis of your site, we will repair, “low hanging fruit” this includes installation of SEO plugin and full setup

Phase 3 | Link Building and Review

Now that your site has all its content in place its time to get it shared and out to the public, in order to this it is important to strategize who to connect to and how best to do it!


Phase 4 | Content Planning and Development

It is important that the content on any website is kept fresh, relevant and up to date, we will develop a strategy to ensure your site which will keep visitors returning to see your latest content.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long game, it is not something that is achieved overnight even with a great strategy in place.  The credibility of your website and your brand is key, can take months to build and grow.  Using a team of specialists we can analyse your website and work within your budget to establish goals, set expectations and create a strategy and timeline to achieve results

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